05 July 2009

Singer Resigns from Environmental Geology Board

When I recently reported on the new piece of Chilingar and friends in Environmental Geology, I did not mention that it actually was the well-known climate sceptic Fred S. Singer who - by asking for my opinion in a mail - evoked my attention to it. I replied to him, saying that I thought the paper was nonsense. Singer's answer may be surprising: He agreed and announced his resignation as an Advisory Editor of Environmental Geology.

Well, for now he is still listed on their website. But as I stated before in this context, I take it that Singer really plays in a different league than Chilingar. He does not want to compromise his credibility by endorsing Chilingar's humbug. But someone at Envrion. Geol. must support these writings. I rather suspect another climate sceptic editor of Environ. Geol., Lee C. Gerhard, to be involved in pushing the bizarre papers of Chilingar through "peer review". Whoever it is, these articles are a shame for this journal. However, it seems only few people take notice. So much for the impact of scientific publications...


  1. This is weird. I wonder what Singer means by "credibility": literally, the extent to which he can make others believe his own variety of nonsense? To put it bluntly, does he have any credibility with himself?

    Seems there are different levels of credibility within "scepticism", like the climate zones in Dante's Hell :-)

  2. He is still listed on their website.
    I wonder how long it will take, and whether he's published a resignation letter or it will just quietly happen.

    Remember "Von Storch's resignation, as well as that of another Climate Research editor, Clare Goodess" a while ago?

  3. There are levels within the denio-sphere. I am working on trying to wirebrush my side into being more honest.

  4. TCO - if you were honest with yourself you would no longer be on 'my side' (being the denier side). Your little game might be fun in some sense but to be really honest it isn't really something to be proud of.